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Hexadecimal Company

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Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format

You are being called in as the OD practitioner to try and identify problems, causes, systems affected, alternatives and recommendations as a consequence of a rather short lived internal OD group intervention.

Remember to look at the underlying issues behind some of these problems as that is one of the biggest things about organizational development. You are given a lot of facts, but there are always under currents so think about those under currents as you respond to the questions on the case analysis form.


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Name: The Hexadecimal Company.
I. Problems
A. Macro
1._Conflict among the OD group members.
2._The executive committee feels the group should be improved.

B. Micro
1._The waning attention Zoltan gives to the OD group
2. The group that was reporting to Zoltan will now report to Paul Blake.

II. Causes

1._Relatively lower involvement of Zoltan in the OD Group.
2._Apparent favor Zoltan gave to Kay.
3._The appointment of Indar Kripalani as the central contact person.

III. Systems Affected

1. Structural: The OD group that was formed and developed by Zoltan and reported to him will not become a department of Human Resources and will report to Paul Blake
2. Psychosocial: There ...

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