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    The Hexadecimal Company Case Analysis

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    Read the attached Hexadecimal Company Case. Acting as an OD practitioner who has landed the Hexadecimal Company as a client, create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format that immediately follows the case study that fully explains or examine Hexadecimal Company management. You can add additional space to the format.

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    The macro problems include, the not-so-wide acceptability of the OD group and the general feeling that the group and its activities were wasting company money. The micro problems include that Kay was to an extent receiving preferential treatment from John and that was causing resentment among the group. There was a difference in the personal styles also. For instance Pete, George and Bill wore informal clothes and favored confrontational style by this was not the style of Kay and John.
    Structural systems included that the group now reported to Paul Blake and the contact person was now Don Morgan. This structure to an extent is responsible for the dissatisfaction in the group. The Psychosocial system was that the group members who felt ...

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