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    Read The Hexadecimal Company Case in Chapter 6 of your text. You are to act as an OD practitioner who has landed the Hexadecimal Company as a client. Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Form on page 169 of your text. You need room to fully explain or examine Hexadecimal Company management using your analysis of the case and the information in the text to select change interventions for this company. Further, you need to develop a proposal or problem-solution essay explaining to the leader of the Hexademical Company the following:

    The problems and opportunities presented within the case using the case form.

    Your recommended courses of action or change interventions to address the need for change based on your analysis using the case form.

    The response addresses the queries posted in 919 words with references.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 919 words with references.
    // In this paper, we will analyze the case of Hexadecimal company. Here, We will discuss about the micro and macro problems of the company. We will explain the OD interventions in the company from the OD practitioner. We will also explain the causes, system affected, and alternatives of OD interventions. The paper will also discuss about the recommendations regarding OD practices.//


    Name: The Hexadecimal Company


    A. Macro

    1. The organization was having some problems with budgeting purposes; that is why, the organization decided to move the OD group to HR section for budgeting purposes. The problem of overhead cost allocation was also there, and more than $700,000 per year were charged currently by the group to overhead, which was not popular among the line managers. The team members were showing less interest in the training activities.

    2. Controversy regarding planning the next phase of OD program was also emerging among the group members. The group members: Pete, George and Bill were in favor of holding feedback sessions and confronting members with the data in order to start a job design program regarding total quality management, but Indar and Kay were favoring a slower and gradual approach for OD program.

    B. Micro

    1. There was group diversity, such as diversity of individuality, dress and openness, etc. in the team members of Hexadecimal Company. The approaches of team members regarding OD were different, and some of the team members wished to make innovative ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 919 words with references.