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    I need to write a research paper and looking for an outline for the following:

    The interrelationship of cultural diversity, individual and group coaching, organizational consulting, and assessment of the effectiveness of coaching and consulting interventions. Include the following in your paper:

    1. A statement of the affect of cultural diversity on coaching and consulting.
    2. A statement of how to assess the effectiveness of coaching and consulting interventions at the individual, group, and organizational levels

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    Step 1
    The affect of cultural diversity on coaching and consulting is significant. Unless the elements of culture are incorporated in the coaching and consulting process, the chances of success are lowered. In diversified organizations where there is diversity in race and sex taking the differences in culture while coaching and consulting are important. Considering the differences in culture are important in creating trust, in making decisions how things are done in the organization, and the identification of the identities (a).
    Where there is cultural diversity, there are differences in norms, supported values, rules of work, shared meanings, rituals, and celebrations. In coaching and consulting one must consider the cultural underpinnings to understand the assumptions that are required for both coaching and consulting. In coaching the person is required to develop people's skills and abilities to improve performance. The coach directly supports the learning process. In consulting expert advice has to be given to other professionals. In both coaching and consulting understanding cultural diversity is critical for success (b). Cultural diversity has an impact on leadership, operations and brand identity of a person. In a multinational company is common ...

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