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    HR on Coaching for Microsoft

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    Phillips, T. (2011) Creating a coaching culture across a global sales force. Strategic HR Review: 5-10.

    1. In general, how difficult do you think it is to change managerial behavior around the world for a multinational corporation such as Microsoft? Do you think it is as easy as the article makes it out to be, or do you think it is more challenging? Explain your reasoning.

    2. What do you think the biggest single obstacle or roadblock was to Microsoft's implementation of their coaching training program? For example, do you think they might have faced a lot of resistance from managers in their overseas divisions?

    3. Do you think this program should be implemented worldwide for other types of managers besides just sales managers at Microsoft? If so, explain what types of managers might benefit the most and why. If not, explain your reasoning.

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    ***I think this should get your thoughts going on this topic. Very strange article, written about Microsoft by Microsoft, and published as academic from HBR... I wonder if it is biased...***

    In any successful global organizations, particularly a technology company the size of Microsoft, communication systems need to be top of the line, due to the sensitivity of data, the importance of the security of their code, and the necessity to deploy their products and services in an expedient manner to stay competitive in the marketplace. If their communication systems were sub-par, then the likes of Apple or Google would overthrow their reign in many key business units. Additionally, those communication systems need to prevent hackers or industrial spies from prying on their software and business intelligence in order to steal business knowledge. Finally, their managers and field personnel need to be connected so that they can readily release the necessary goals, information, and business factors so that they can successfully achieve growth and profitability. With the right communications in place, then the broadcasting of information can be propagated around the globe, via those streams, translated as necessary for foreign-speaking only divisions and understood on a global scale. Although this process seems challenging, given today's technological infrastructure, it is not as difficult as it seems ...

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