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ROI Institute and Nations Hotel Industry

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Use a search engine of your choice and find the web site for ROI Institute, Inc. Once you have found the website,
Click on "Tool," and review the "Nations Hotels—Measuring the ROI in Business Coaching." Use Microsoft Word to
Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of this particular approach to ROI. Your answer should at least
300 words, making sure to cite all the sources used according to APA format.

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Nations Hotels (Nations) hired an independent agency to implement and announce a business-coaching program to its executives. The program introduced intervention techniques for managers to follow, i.e. a serious of coaching phases, to evaluate program outcomes and to measure its return on investment. Nations wanted to maintain a competitive edge in the hotel industry and the company realized that productivity, development, and marketing practices weighs heavily on its business trajectory.

The ROI Institute, Inc. is a research-based ...

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This document includes details on the pros and cons of ROI Institute's business-coaching practices for Nations Hotel.

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