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    Mentoring and Coaching

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    Please help in getting started writing a paper about mentoring and/or coaching. It should include the following:

    A detailed explanation of how mentoring and/or coaching influences the success of an employee.
    An analysis of the importance of training and development on both workplace performance and work-life balance. Needed is a minimum of three sources and format paper using APA guidelines.

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    Many organizations today are beginning to realize the importance of mentoring and coaching.
    Though new or entry level positions may not require more than an appropriate college education or
    a few year's experience, it is imperative to provide the best preparation for those employees who wish
    to move up the corporate ladder, such as into a management or supervisor position. Training programs
    are useful, but often they overlook the finer nuances of how a specific task is performed or how certain
    processes are prioritized. Training programs can teach an employee how to complete certain tasks, but
    not to necessarily about timing and time management.

    Mentoring can prepare an employee for success as a manager, particularly when the mentor has
    several years of experience in the organization, has acquired quite a bit of specialized industry
    knowledge and has highly developed skills that an employee can emulate. Though mentoring programs
    are not for every organization, they can be useful for two specific activities: skills development and
    career development. Both activities can lead to a more qualified and competent employee, which is
    of benefit to the organization. Each has its own importance in the development of new managers and
    leaders within an organization.

    Skills development is not something that a college graduate, even a very successful one, has had
    time to develop. While training can address some of the specific behaviors or attitudes required for
    skills development, it does not typically allow for an extended period of time, over which the employee
    can practice and refine the required competencies. A mentor can work with an employee on a regular
    basis, to help develop necessary skills. A mentoring program can help an employee "learn the ropes and
    develop the insight, knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to be effective and 'fit' into their new
    role (Watt, 2004). It is the constant exposure and opportunity for practice, over time, which allows an
    employee to more fully develop necessary skills.

    Within the boundaries of knowledge and behaviors are certain expectations, guidelines and
    norms associated ...

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