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    The Role of Patronage in Business

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    Ragged Dick has many admirable qualities that contribute to his "rise." Yet key changes that occur in his life are specifically due the patronage of a generous man.

    In a famous essay on Alger, Professor Michael Moon calls the Ragged Dick story "an encapsulation" of corporate America's "long-cherished myth?that the white males who control wealth and power have their eye out for that exceptional, 'deserving,' 'attractive'" young man who can be redeemed from an underclass background and join the ranks of the successful.
    What do you think? Is this a myth or does this really happen? Is it a genuine avenue of success or just an illusion? In 700 or more words, discuss the role of patronage (coaching, mentoring, taking a personal interest in an individual) in the man's world of Ragged Dick and in the real business world of men and women today. Use a scene and quotation from the book and your own examples from real life (experiences or observations) to illustrate your points.

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    The role of patronage in the man's world of Ragged Dick was just as important as it is today for poor and or troubled youth. In the world of Ragged Dick coaching and mentoring was very important, largely due to the fact that this coaching and mentoring usually provides a form of support for individuals that is positive in nature, and serves as a psychological boost for individuals that may feel that they are down and out. In essence, coaching and mentoring by successful individuals demonstrates to individuals such as ragged Dick, that are individuals in the world who care for the poor and downtrodden, as well as demonstrates to him that it is possible for him to rise up from his position and become a success in society. In addition, coaching and mentoring provide individuals of this nature with an avenue of hope, and positive psychological and educational support that can help to boost these individuals to higher and higher levels of achievement in order to escape their impoverished condition. The psychological and emotional support that is provided to downtrodden individuals by the coaching and mentoring that they receive from the ...

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    The solution discusses the role of patronage in business in the man's world of Ragged Dick and in the real business world of men and women today.