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    Public Relations

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    What role does PR play in your organization? Explain your answer. How is PR utilized in various types of organizations? Provide examples. What are some positive and negative aspects of including the PR function within other departments of an organization?
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    What role does PR play in your organization? Explain your answer.
    Public relations (PR) refers to the art of establishing relationship between the organization and the key public. It helps businesses create strong lasting relationships with customers and clients. The main function of public relations is to improve the means of communicating and instituting a two-way flow of information and understanding between the organization and the public.
    In the school setting, PR support the school's programs such as fund-raising programs, awareness programs, and other activities that can increase patronage of the school and its services. It helps improve the public image of the school, its prominent personalities and in crisis situations, the role of the PR Officer is very crucial. PR agencies must be timely in transmitting information that helps save the reputation of the school/organization. Good PR officers and agencies have good working relationship with prominent reporters that can boost their opportunities of getting a coverage and be able to plug the company news (Jan 2006). The school's PR Officer plans campaigns and strategies for new students and parents. They also monitor the media perception of the school in front of the public. They write, edit newsletters, websites, press releases and brochures which spread news, events and information about the school. They arrange ...

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