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    Nurturing Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring

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    After I watched Dr. Warren Bennis's video of "Nuturing Leadership," Dr. Warren Bennis states that terrific organizations led by outstanding leaders have leadership at every level within the organization. Also, he goes on to say that they place a value on both mentoring and coaching.

    How is coaching/mentoring similar and different from one another?

    Is one better for a situation than the other?

    Looking for clarification between the two and how they interact within an organization.

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    How coaching and mentoring are similar and different from one another?

    The differences that exist between coaching and mentoring are that coaching is task oriented and places emphasis on concrete issues. These issues could range from how ...

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    This solution of 190 words discusses the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring. It also explains which organizational leadership situation is better for a company. Reference used is included.