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    Leadership: Job Experience

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    I am writing a pretty detailed paper and I am not sure where to start. Can I please get help with the following and this will give me a foundation for my paper:

    I read that 70% of what you learn about leadership comes from on-the-job experiences; 20% coaching; and 10% comes from formal class-room development. You receive a much greater benefit from the time, energy, and effort you spend building development into your job than on the time you spend on anything else. You should focus your effort directly on the largest payoff at hand.

    Do you agree with these assertions? Also provide examples of why you do or don't agree based on happenings in a real organization. Provide an example and reference to said example. Please provide an answer in 2 paragraphs or less.

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    I do not agree with the assertion. A person hones, practices, and perfects his leadership skills building developments into your job but coaching and formal class-room development have a special place in leadership development. Formal classroom ...

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