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Job Posting for Home Depot - supervisor position

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You are the hiring manager at Home Depot and need to fill a position for an exempt status night shift supervisor. The applicants should have retail business experience, preferably in house wares, and at least some supervisory experience. You are looking for someone to fill third shift from 10pm-6am. There may be heavy lifting involved. Your company offers the industry standard for salary, benefits and growth opportunities.
Write a comprehensive job description for this position that will help you prepare for the interview process and address any questions you might receive from applicants. Be sure to apply the guidelines for writing job descriptions you learned about in your reading. You are also encouraged to conduct your own outside research on Home Depot to help you complete this activity.
To successfully complete the projects, the following are the minimum requirements:
? Write a comprehensive job description using the information provided.
? Apply the 15 guidelines for writing job descriptions, as presented in your reading assignment this week.
? Conduct your own outside research to help you create a more realistic job description.
? Include a reference page to give credit to your sources

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If you are a true leader with track records in customer service and business leadership, with extensive experience in producing results, managing financials and succeeding in a retail environment, be part of a dynamic Home Depot Team. The Home Depot has stimulating challenges for you, an environment that promises training and offers competitive employee benefits. Seize the opportunity to work with highly qualified experts and advance your career objectives.

ABOUT HOME DEPOT: We are the World's largest home improvement specialty retail with stores in all 50 states of America, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, 10 Canadian Provinces, Mexico and China.
Name and description of the hiring department:

The Home Depot Team is seeking a dynamic, innovative and highly motivated night shift supervisor. As part of the store leadership team at The Home Depot, you'll supervise multimillion-dollar business and lead a staff of hundreds to drive sales and ...

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This solution presents a way of effectivly canvassing for an opportunity at Home Depot. The solution shows all the necessary steps that need to be included in a job posting in order to maximize its attractivness.

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Human Resources: narrative of a job interview for Home Depot

See attached job title file.

You are applying for a job as an exempt status night shift supervisor at Home Depot. You used to work at Lowe's, but seeing no opportunity to advance, you decided to apply for the job at Home Depot. You have one 14-year old son, are divorced and have your mother living with you who helps look after your son and the apartment in which you live. Lately she has had some heart trouble and is on medication. You have 5 years working at Lowe's and are a quick learner. Currently you have just finished your Business degree and want to put your knowledge to use. You are a people person but are aware that you do not handle stress as well as you might. However, you do need the job for financial reasons and you have met the minimum requirements as listed in the advertised job description. (Refer to the job description you created during Unit 4.)

You e-mailed your resume and received a call for a job interview for Tuesday at 10 am. You arranged for time off your day shift at Lowe's so you could attend the interview. You arrive on time and the hiring manager calls you into the office.

Fill in the blanks with your own responses. The interviewer is using a series of competency-based interview questions, so be sure to address each part of the question and provide specific examples that clearly demonstrate your ability to perform the required job duties and responsibilities. Use your reading assignment for this week to help you respond to the questions. You are also encouraged to conduct your own outside research to help you complete this activity.

Hiring Manager (HM) Good morning.
HM: I am glad you could join me today. I see from your resume that you have experience in this industry. Tell me how your past work experience at Lowe's has prepared you for the position here at Home Depot.
HM: Working at night is a bit different than working in the daytime. Describe some work experiences you have had while working at night that demonstrate the difference between nighttime and daytime work.
HM: As a supervisor you will be expected to communicate effectively with your employees and resolve disputes white the store manager is off duty. Has there ever been a time when you resolved a conflict on the job without the help of a superior? What were the results of your actions?
HM: Being a Supervisor creates some demands in terms of dealing with a diverse workforce. Sometimes it is necessary to make difficult decisions. How would you handle a scenario in which an employee who reports to you has repeatedly been late but has never been disciplined due to their personal situation of tending to a dying parent?
HM Interviewer 1: Do you have any questions for me at this time?
HM: Thank you for coming in today to speak with me. We will be in contact by e-mail in approximately one week. We appreciate your time.

To successfully complete the projects, the following are the minimum requirements:
? Respond to the interview questions provided.
? Provide specific examples from past work experiences that demonstrate your ability to perform the job duties and responsibilities.
? Conduct your own outside research to help you create a more realistic responses.

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