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    design of this organization's supply chain

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    Home Depot: Topic
    Q1. In what ways does the design of this organization's supply chain maximize its efficiency?

    Q2. Based on what you have learned so far, what else might this organization do to maximize the efficiency of its supply chain?

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    The Home Depot Supply chain was developed in 2000. This chain has five components. The five components of the supply chain are the General Warehouse Associate, General Office Associate, Department Supervisor, Inventory Control Coordinator and Transportation Coordinator. The first position is the General Warehouse Associate. The General Warehouse Associate is a vital component of the Home Depot Supply Chain team. This worker is responsible to perform general material, handling functions, customer order processing and shipping. The employee works in the Home Depot Warehouse environment and is in charge of following company safety policies and procedures (Home Depot, 2003).
    The second position is the General Office Associate. The General Office Associate is responsible for general activities of warehouse, day-to-day movement, and preparation of products and other tasks as assigned. The position requires the employee to have the ability to use computer systems, personal ...

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    The major benefits of warehouse management are noted.