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Succession planning: leadership

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Effective organizations understand that leadership succession planning is essential to promote continuity and long-term organizational health. Select a recent article from current events (past 90 days) related to succession planning. Provide a paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article and a second paragraph presenting your analysis of the article (Do you agree/disagree?

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Moran, G. (2012). Your business without you. Entrepreneur.com

This article looks at four steps to provide a company with a successor. As the article points out, emergencies can happen including family leave and serious illness. So companies, including small businesses need to have a plan in place early rather than later. It lists four steps. The steps start with setting a time frame. This forces the business owner to act. Next, leave emotions out of the choice and base it on skill. Relationship should have little or nothing to do with choice. Then make a choice and finally begin to challenge the choice to perform, learn, and train to run the company when the ...

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A brief overview and article view of succession planning.

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