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Leadership Development Approaches

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Research three of the different leadership development approaches (team building, outdoor leadership development and succession planning) to find out more about your selected programs. Write a comparison of these approaches including their strengths, appropriate uses and obvious limitations.

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Leadership development approaches are determined.

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Companies that aim for stability of organizational performance not only recruit and hire qualified employees but also apply training and development strategies to prepare them for current and future tasks. The rationale behind training and developing workers is to make them equipped for their current jobs and at the same time prepare them for more challenging jobs in the future. These are the reasons behind companies' investment for the development of their workers.

Among the many leadership development approaches utilized by many companies are the following:

(1) Team building

Team building aims to increase trust and openness among the team members, improve their coordinative efforts, improve their inter-group and problem solving skills, and further increase the overall team and organizational performance as a whole. Among the team building activities include: goal setting, role analysis, and team process analysis, among others.

Use of this development activity: To provide an opportunity for the team members to get to know the other members of the team in a more natural setting or ...

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