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    Transformation Plan and Leadership Roles

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    Explain the role leadership plays in transformation. Include Pepsi Corporation's mission, vision, and values satements. The environmental sustainability plan must be integrated into these vehicles. One or all of these must include a reference to the companyâ??s beliefs, regarding sustainability, and describe or refer to a stand-alone environmental policy.


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    Transformation Plan in Context of Pepsi

    Transformation refers to the act or process that is used to create new changes in the current organization system or principles to increase organization efficiency. It is used to identify and leverage the power of new sources and procedures (Tabrizi, 2007). Sustainability plan is a kind of transformation plan that is developed to maintain sustainable efforts. Transformation plan is the written statement of new procedures, values, rules & regulations and system of an organization to increase its efficiency to sustain organization goals and objectives in an effective manner.
    Role of Leadership in Transformation
    Leadership plays an important role in the successful implementation of transformation plan. An effective leadership assists to an organization to get competitive advantage or survive in the contemporary environment. The roles of leadership in transformation are as follow:
    Helps to Creates organization Value: In the current contemporary environment, an effective leader assists to create organization value. A charismatic personality, dedicated to its assigned responsibilities and team goals assist to increase organization efficiency. For example, PepsiCo has an effective team of various leaders such as its CEO and chairman, chief marketing officers, chief finance officers etc assists to increase organization value in the current market scenario (Jonash, Koehler & Onassis, 2007).
    Visionary: Leadership plays an important role to achieve organization goals and objective in an effective. Leadership inspires and motivates employees to work together with a common vision and purpose that can transform PepsiCo into a sustainable organization (Jonash, Koehler & Onassis, 2007). PepsiCo is the real example of visionary leadership. The teams ...

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    Transformation plan and leadership roles are examined.