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Interviewing a Bank Manager

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**Please pretend you are interviewing someone who has a Senior position at a Bank.

Please provide details on the results of an interview that you will conduct in person with a manager of a bank.

1) This person must hold some type of supervisory, management or leadership position within the organization that you have selected.
2) The response should not be a verbatim recitation of the results of the interview.
3) Be sure to include questions in the appendix for this interview.


a. Write and organize the interview with the appropriate headings and sub-headings.
b. Introduction: this section should include the name and title of the manager who you interviewed and when the interview was conducted. You should also include a very brief description about the organization's mission and goals.
c. Competing Values Roles: this section should describe in detail those roles from the competing values framework (Broker, Innovator, Facilitator, Producer etc.) that you believe this manager plays in his/her current position. Identify the role (s); include a description of the key characteristic of each role(s) and include 2 examples from the results of your interview for each role that you have identified that prove/provide evidence that your interviewee is using this role competency in their leadership position. **This requires you to have a very good understanding of the competing values roles and how they work in a real-life management situation.
d. Transformation from "I" to "We": this section should explain what is meant by the phrase "making the transformation from "I" to "We". Then explain in your opinion whether you believe that based on the results of your interview and what you have observed, if your interview has completed this transformation. Provide 2 specific examples to support your viewpoint. You may conclude that this transformation has not been accomplished or the interviewee is still on his/her authentic journey. Provide support through illustrations for your opinion. ** In order to accomplish this you must figure out how to ask specific questions that will help you to determine your interviewee's progress along the authentic leadership journey.
e. Motivations: this section should explain the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivations and provide two examples of each kind of motivation. Include in this section, whether in your opinion, based on the results of your interview, information about what appears to motivate your interviewee in their leadership position. Provide two examples from the interview to support your observation. ** In order to accomplish this you must figure out how to ask specific questions that will help you to determine your interviewee's motivations.

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The response provides you a structured explanation of the functioning of a commercial bank in in-line text and also a formatted copy in a word document. It also gives you two relevant references.

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Please begin with Introduction:

The name of the manager interviewed is Carol A. Serfling, she is the Vice-President of the Adrian State Bank, Minnesota. The Adrian State Bank is the oldest operating business in Adrian. The bank has the mission of serving individuals, businesses, and communities by providing top class banking services. Its main goals are to preserve and protect the assets of its depositors and make responsible investments.

Please continue with Competing Values Roles:
There are two roles that Carol A. Serfling plays in Adrian State Bank. The first is the facilitator role and the second is the coordinator role. In the facilitator role the leader builds teams, uses participative decision making and manages conflicts. During the interview, Carol described how she built the team of online banking. Also during the interview she described how she resolved conflicts in the loan& mortgage team of Adrian State Bank. In the coordinator role a leader manages projects designs work, and manages across functions. During the interview Carol described how she managed the project ...

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