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Evaluate Behavioral Based Interviewing with Intelligence Tests

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As the manager of the Talent Management department, you have been asked to choose between behavioral-based interviewing, in-basket exercises, or written intelligence tests for the selection of managers in the company. Identify three criteria that could be used to evaluate these tests and then, using the three criteria you choose, evaluate each of these in the following format.

Selection Tool/Criterion Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Criteria 3
Behavioral-Based Interviewing Your evaluation Your evaluation Your evaluation
In-Basket Exercises Your evaluation Your evaluation Your evaluation
Written Intelligence Tests Your evaluation Your evaluation Your evaluation.

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Interviewing Techniques:

An interview is a professional conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee, where the interviewer seeks to obtain information from the interviewee. Through the Job interview process, the potential employee is evaluated by the employer so that the employer can establish their suitability in the job position that is on offer. To enable the organization to select the most qualified candidate for the position, effective interviewing techniques have to be used. The techniques will enable the company to find out the behavior of the individuals, their past working situations as well as their personalities. The following is an evaluation of some of the three interviewing techniques that will be used for the selection of the manager in the company (Interviewing Tips, 2011).

Behavioral-based interviewing:

This interviewing technique is sometimes called the competency based interviewing technique or a case study interview since it is an interview that is based on the passed job situations that an individual has been through. Through this technique, the interviewer will be able to know how the interviewee behaved in a specific job situation and then deduce that they will act in the same manner if they are offered the job. The logic of this interviewing technique is that past performance will predict future performance (Doyle, 2011).

The criteria for evaluating behavioral based interviewing technique:

The three criteria that I will use in evaluating the ...

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