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    Competency Perspective of Leadership

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    Southern Industrials Ltd. wants to develop a competency-based approach to executive selection. Which leadership perspective mainly applies to this practice? Also, based on leadership research, identify four 'competencies' that Southern Industrials will probably identify in effective executives.

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    Competency Perspective of Leadership in Southern Industrials Ltd

    Southern Industrials Ltd. is related to the construction industry and the company wants to develop a competency based approach to select the best executive for the company. In order to develop this approach in the organization it is essential for the firm to apply the competency based leadership perspective in the company (Brewster & Harris, 2004). This leadership perspective involves some features that enable the firm to evaluate the competencies of the candidate. This approach is best for the organization because it assist the management to select best candidate among the numerous of applicants (Chin & Gaynier, 2006).

    The competency perspective of leader leads the management towards the selection of the best candidate. In this approach the management pin points the basic skills and attributes of candidate. In this kind of executive selection, ...

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    Competency perspectives of leadership is examined.