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Human Resources/Strategic Leadership

Please assist me in answering a few questions.

1. Where or how does one begin in making a shift to an organization focused on quality?

2. How might the leadership model presented in Kouzes and Posner be useful in making such a shift?

3. How might the leadership competency of "edge" be required during such a transition?

Thank you whomever can assist me.

Another Source: The book "Total Performance Scorecard"

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Human Resources & Strategic Leadership

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In present competitive environment, there exist a number of ways and levels at which an organization can begin making a shift in the organization for asserting quality but all of these ways and levels are not appropriate for maintaining quality. In this bombarding of different techniques that claim to increase productivity, quality and customer satisfaction a number of organizations make wrong choices and on the other hand some achieve immense success.
The organizations that achieve success in making a shift towards quality attain this transformation with the help a managed framework at an appropriate level of business operations. For making an assured shift, organizations should move ahead of the buzzwords that in reality just create confusions. For making a shift organizations should go through a formal decision-making process rather than just comprehending latest technique (Chaudron, 2008). Organization should follow subsequent components in their formal decision making process:
• Levels, aims and strategies
• Measurement structure ...

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The solution determines where and how one begins in making a shift to an organization focused on quality. How leadership models presented in Kouzes and Posner are useful in making such a shift.