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    Analytical, Creative, and Practical Intelligence Explained

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    Can you explain the alternate views of IQ testing? Analytical Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Practical Intelligence. I have to do a powerpoint presentation. And I need information about analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence.

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    Please see below for information on these different types of intelligence. I have included the web references that I used as well, but much of this is a summary of my own knowledge. I hope you will find this information helpful in preparing your presentation.

    The idea that there are three different types of intelligence, the "Triarchic Theory of Intelligence" is based on the work of Robert Sternberg. The theory basically states that one's intelligence is defined based on his or her success in life, based on personal standards and sociocultural context (http://education.stateuniversity.com/pages/2104/Intelligence-TRIARCHIC-THEORY-INTELLIGENCE.html). In addition, one's ability to take advantage of one's natural ...

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    The solution explains analytical, creative and practical intelligence.