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Organizational Leadership in Projects

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Select someone who led a project you were involved with you admire for their leadership abilities, specifically in the areas of project or program leadership. Correlate why they are a good leader with the identified core project leadership responsibilities, experience, characteristics, and skills. Did they have to address political or cultural issues within the organization when leading the project?

The following Discussion Board research will assist you. Research at least 2 sources to support your response.

Based on what have been identified as good leadership characteristics and skills in your two text books, which did the project leader you admire possess?

Based on what are identified as the key roles and responsibilities in your readings, how did the project leader you admire carry these out effectively?

How was this admired project leader effective at addressing political and cultural issues within the organization?

Which characteristics, skills, roles and responsibilities do you wish to emulate in your quest to be a great project leader and why?

Write 2 more paragraphs of about that serve as an introduction and conclusion to what you have written about this topic.

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The person that led the project was me and you can use me as YOUR selection. I will elucidate upon the qualities that made my leadership of the transformation project for my business successful. The most important characteristic trait that was displayed by me the leader was the ability to be a Visionary Leader. I envisioned a business that could go global because of the high demand of my merchandise and the success that had been attained from the ground-up by me. Taking this into account, I was able to cultivate a business plan that was predicated upon reducing costs, increasing income, and expanding the market.

I had the experience to bring forth my vision because I had previously transformed from a mere employee with the original company that I worked for and had reorganized this business model to fit my own desires starting my own ...

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