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    The importance of effective leadership in project implementation

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    "Alignment at the top: A case study investigating this critical factor in project implementation."

    Write a review for the case study attached which provides research examining diverse management practices and the effects it has on the organization.

    Summarize the research and a briefly discussion on how the qualities of the leader affected the success of the organization and their projects.

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    The main point of this research seems to be the fact that there is a direct correlation between effective top management leadership and effective project implementation and completion. This research conducted an analysis of differing leadership methodologies and their effect upon the resulting project implementation within manufacturing organizations etc. It was found during this research that differing permutations and methodologies of transactional leadership and transformational leadership seem to be the most effective and successful in efficient project implementation. Transactional leadership involves the utilization of a reward system in order to provide subordinates with the motivation to perform at higher levels, as well as a focus upon rigid and structured ...

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    This solution describes the correlation between effective leadership and effective project implementation.