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    Project effectiveness: Walmart

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    Develop methods and tools to measure project effectiveness for Walmart.

    Books used in class
    Block, P., & Nowlan, J. (2011). Flawless consulting. A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.). John Wiley & Sons.

    Wickham, P., & Wickham, L. (2008). Management consulting: Delivering an effective project (3rd ed.). Harlow, England: Pearson.

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    Walmart is a retail giant whose strategy is cost leadership. The methods and tools that will be used to measure project effectiveness for Walmart will be the achievement of objectives, the completion of project on time, and the completion of the project within the budget.

    The standard tool at Walmart will be:
    a) Achievement of Objectives 0.4
    b) Timely ...

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    How to improve project implementation in a company is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.