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    Walmart Financial Statements, Financial Calculation, Evaluation

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    Please provide a tutorial for the following project. Use Walmart as an example for this project.

    You must prepare a presentation of the company for private foreign investors who are unsure where they want to invest their money. You need to prove to them that your company is the best option for investment.
    1. For this project you will need to do an assessment of the company in order "to sell" it to the investors.
    2. You will have to pull the last two annual financial statements from the company. You can include the financial statements on the Appendix section of your project, but it can not be part of project.
    3. You must include as many financial ratios calculations you need to support your statement (minimum 5 required).
    4. You must include any other internal evaluation of the company (Ex: any manager's strategic planning, budget evaluation, etc).

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    The chosen public traded company is Walmart.
    1. For this project you will need to do an assessment of the company in order to sell it to the investors.
    The source for the information below is found on http://walmartstores.com/sites/annualreport/2011/financials/Walmart_2011_Annual_Report.pdf

    Walmart's net sales in the past 5 years have been increased tremendously. In 2007, they had net sales of $345 billion and in 2011, they had $419 billion in net sales. Walmart stated in their 2011 annual report that in fiscal year 2012, they expect to grow net sales between 4% and 6% through new square footage and comparable sales.
    The operating expense of Walmart as a percentage of sales seemed to be a steady trend in the past 5 years. It increased in 2007 from 18.5 to 19.7 in 2010; however, in 2011 it decreased to 19.3% of ...

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    This solution provides a detailed tutorial on how to create a project involving a financial assessment of a corporation. In the sample project, Walmart is used as an example.