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    Literature relevant to leadership qualities and methods implement

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    Locate and review literature relevant to leadership qualities and the methods implemented to achieve results in today's complex organizations. Review should include:

    - Methods to identify appropriate problems in an organization
    - Reasons for the failure of organizational initiatives
    - Explanation of why solutions fail during implementation and do not yield sustainable results
    - Suggestions for improving performance

    Cite three or more references. Adhere to APA 6th. edition standards.

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    Every organization has leaders who have the vision for the organization and the picture of organizations' future. They help organization achieve success, and devise an outline for aiming for higher grounds. Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric Co., said, "Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion." However, effective leadership is hard to inculcate by any organization. Generally bureaucracy and red tape in the administrative setup makes leadership more general rather than talking about real and concrete leadership. As organizational boundaries are increasing, effective leadership is becoming even more challenging and is the cause of many organizational failures. Hence it is important to identify appropriate problems in the organization, figure out reasons for failure of organizational initiatives, probing of why solutions fail and do not yield appropriate results and give suggestions for improvement.

    Identifying Problems in the Organization

    Problems come in either of the two forms:

    1. They are obvious in moments of pressure. Either someone would tell us about the problem or we would get to know on our own.
    2. We observe that something might become a problem in the time to come

    For the first problem, the best strategy is to use the important/urgent framework to determine how the problem could be handled. Leaders develop the ability to identify the nascent problems and act on them before they become obvious. To leaders, problems are opportunities for excellence. They use people's imagination on how solving problems would make the organization stronger.

    Reasons for Failure of Organizational Initiatives

    To succeed in the business environment organizations need to ...

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    The literature relevant to leadership qualities and methods implemented to achieve results in today's complex organizations is examined.