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    Behavioural Studies: Learning Behaviours

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    Provide an overview of two leadership behavioural studies, concentrating on their implications to better understand a leader. Additionally, discuss strategies and methods individuals may consider to change their behaviour and enhance their leadership abilities.

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    The first behavioural study that we consider is Leadership: Man and Function.

    - In this paper the author distinguishes between the leadership of individuals, that is the individuals have the quality of leadership and the leadership of an organization, that is leadership in an organization (Bavelas, A, 1960). The leadership of individuals focuses on the personal qualities, attributes, and distinctiveness of individuals on the other hand the leadership in an organization focuses on the power and influence in an organization. The author stresses that it is important to differentiate between the two to understand what exactly is ...

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    The expert examines learning behaviors and their implications to leaders. Strategies and methods individuals which may consider to change their behavior and enhance their leadership abilities. Two references are provided.