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Critiquing the impact of leadership

Read: The Impact of Leadership and Change Management Strategy on Organizational Culture and Individual Acceptance of Change during a Merger by Marie H. Kavanagh and Neal M. Ashkanasy

Please critique the article. Identify the gap and type of methodology.

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Literature Review Analysis

Again, in determining the effectiveness of the review of published materials about acculturation post-merger, we have to determine the authors' thesis statement first. Specifically, Kavanagh and Ashkanasy (2006) sought out to determine "the effect of leadership and change management strategies on acceptance of cultural change by individuals" (p. S81). Therefore we should expect that the literature included would be focused on this topic.
The researchers reviewed both studies done by respected scholars on acculturation during a merger and acquisition (M&A) and the leadership qualities and types of leadership needed to support the changes necessary to ensure that the expected value from the combination is realized post-merger. As they mentioned, their current study "builds on extant literature to develop propositions about the impact of leaders and leadership on the ability ...

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The critiquing impacts of leadership are provided.