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Rhetoric & Public Anxiety

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Some say that the focus on Muslims as terrorists is "blown out of proportion" and contributes to divisiveness and racial profiling.

Some political commentators note that leaders in the White House (WH) waver in protecting our allies (e.g., Israel against Iran). In fact, the WH is said to be more pro-Muslim. Meanwhile, chemical weapons used by Syria on "foreign military" cause angst here and abroad.

Regarding project "Fast and Furious," the White House says that this is taken very seriously. The recent leaks regarding CIA operatives and classified data: The White House says that this is taken very seriously and the WH is not at fault.

Please comment on the alleged indecisiveness and rhetoric as affecting public perception--especially in terms of contributing to anxiety and social interactions.

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This solution discusses the effect of public rhetoric and political indecisiveness on public perception and how this impacts anxiety and social interactions. Includes APA formatted references.

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There is a wide range of rhetoric regarding political hot topics and a greater amount of rhetoric is now possible due to the interconnection we have with the news through our television, phones, social media and other sources. The discussion question mentions the idea that the White House is pro-Muslim, while also mentioning the focus on Muslim as terrorists. This could be confusing to some Americans but it is important to consider the source of the information, political leanings, and intended outcome when hearing news. When Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, addressed the United States Congress (Culhane, 2015) at the invitation of ...

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