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Speech Anxiety

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Describe three sources of speech anxiety. For each source, identify an appropriate response to overcome the source of anxiety.

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The expert describes the three sources of speech anxiety. The appropriate responses to overcome the source of anxiety is determined.

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1. Public Speaking is one of the largest fears or sources of anxiety in which a person is self-conscious or intimidated by performing before a large group. The best way to tackle a fear or a sense of anxiety is to face it head on. Do not maximize the fear by not doing what is necessary to perform a task. For example, when I was pursuing my undergrad degree I had to present information with a team. This was the first time I presented in a formal environment. Imagine the presentations that normally occur on the presentation and how each team stands in front of the room and each team member take terms giving an introductory statement. I was the second to the last person who was supposed to give a statement on my section of the PowerPoint. The longer it took for my team members to wrap up what they had to say, the more nervous and anxious I became. My palms were sweaty, my heart was beating fast, and I felt as if I was going to pass out. I have no idea why the anxiety was so extreme after all I was only presenting information to my peers. When my time to speak arrived the feelings of anxiety left immediately. I find that anxiety most happens before you are about to do something. After you mull around the idea that you have to do something, it's at that moment ...

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