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Increased Anxiety and Learning

Journal 2: Learning Reflection

Reflecting on the required video, Stages of Language Development, ponder the "wait time" that the teacher in the video used. Do you believe she provided enough wait time for students? How do you personally react to wait time, either when you were in school or in the workplace? Does the increased anxiety help or hinder your learning? How do you feel about the questions she asked? Were they at the appropriate level? What suggestions might you give this teacher regarding her questioning?

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Do you think there was enough wait time for the students to respond?

My personal opinion is: as far as the first students during the silent period, the questions were too rapid fire. Another problem was that we couldn't see the teacher. If so, she might have tried pointing to herself and saying, My name is ____. Your name, pointing to him? Sometimes the physical gesture can help. She needed to speak slower and simpler until he gains more language proficiency.

As far as the early production stage for the next student, I thought that the questions were still too quick. I was not sure that the student understood ...

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