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Stress and Learning in Adults

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How does stress affect adults when it comes to learning?

There are several instances when stress is know to affect how adults learn. In these instances, there is something significant that happened in their work life or family life that prevents them from learning or alters what they are able to take in. What are some examples in which stress has affected adult learning? Is there a way to overcome this?

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This solution explains how stress impacts the ability of adults to learn new information and skills. The explanation includes the physiological effects of stress and strategies that adults can take to reduce stress and improve learning.

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Stress and imbalance are created by the action potentials of neurons. A panic or anxiety attack is triggered by the rapid change in the neurons when the sodium-potassium pump is imbalanced. This is indicative of a fast-oxidizing metabolism that contributes to a constant state of anxiety. The presence of excess lactic acid, a ...

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