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    The Purpose of Adult Education in Today's Society

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    What is the purpose of adult education in today's society? What do you think it should be? How is this similar or different to its purpose within the health care industry?

    Please provide 200 words and one reference.

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    First of all, as you briefly discuss the overall purpose of adult education in today's society, experts often define it in correlation with professional development since "Adult education focuses on people whose major social roles (i.e., parent, worker, community member) are ones traditionally assigned to adults. Usually, adults engage in an educational activity with a specific purpose in mind, such as learning word processing programs on a computer or attending parenting classes" (http://jeritt.msu.edu/documents/02Mckinney.pdf). However, I do ...

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    200 words and one reference briefly validate the overall purpose of adult education in today's society with a health care example