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ADHD Symptoms

Describe the most important symptoms of ADHD.

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ADHD is a cognitive/behavioral developmental disorder whose symptoms include but are not limited to impulsiveness, and inattentiveness representing the main clinical symptoms. The behavior is purportedly associated with poor dopaminergic and noradrenergic modulation of neuronal circuits in the frontal lobes resulting in pronounced over activity, impulsiveness, and deficient sustained attention (S, 2011).

The symptoms alluded to in the prior paragraph are derived from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed., text rev.; DSMââ?¬"IVââ?¬"TR; American Psychiatric Association, 2000). These diagnostic criteria for ADHD apply to individuals of all ages, although they were initially designed for diagnosing children, and have yet to be validated in adults. Symptoms of inattention are characterized by poor time management or difficulty finishing required tasks. Impulsive symptoms are characterized by finishing ...

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Describes the symptoms of ADHD.