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Noise and Stress

In terms of social psychology, this posting offers ideas related to these topics:

Definition of current problem
Potential causes of that problem
Ways in which you might address solving the problem

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As you offer a definition of the current problem in your memo to Mr. Woods, please note how the temporary facilities pose environmental stress and also produce psychological and physical effects upon workers.

Based on studies in social and organizational psychology research, please note how factors such as temperature, noise, overcrowding, light levels, and other attributes impact a frustration-aggression response and other issues. As a result, both individuals and organizations are affected in negative ways.

Potential causes of that problem are numerous. For example, research shows how overall stress impacts workers in various ways. For example, stress effects people mentally and "can exacerbate a number of psychiatric disorders, many of which are associated with the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the area of the brain unique to humans" (http://sln.fi.edu/brain/stress.htm#stressnoise).

In addition, stress also impairs people physically. Studies from Yale University investigate the effects of noise stress on brain function in monkeys. Their results reveal that ...

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This posting offers ideas about noise and stress and effects in the workplace.