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    Physical and Environmental Stressors

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    1. Discuss the following categories.

    a. Name some physical stressors.
    b. Name some environmental stressors.

    2. How can you minimize or prevent the effects of the stressors?

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    Physical and environmental stressors involve the same stressors; however, one could focus on the intra/psychic demands for the physical, and the external environment for the environmental factors. However, that is not how most authors define them.

    1. Discuss the following categories.

    a. Name some physical stressors.

    Generally, a stressor is any event or situation that requires a non-routine change in adaptation or behavior. Often it is unfamiliar or creates conflict among motives within the individual. It may pose a challenge or a threat to the individual's well-being or self-esteem. Positive stress (Eustress) is that degree of stress that helps sustain and improve tolerance to physical and emotional stressors without overdoing the experience. Eustress can help the individual to function better, stay alive, and cope. The purpose of stress in nature is to keep individuals in that range of physiological, emotional, and cognitive mobilization that best enables them to survive and reproduce. In military operations, for example, the soldier must accomplish the military mission, whether that contributes to individual survival or not. (1) Extreme stress is referred to distress.

    A physical stressor is one that has a direct effect on the body. This may be an external environmental condition (heat, cold, noise) or the internal physical/physiologic demands (disease, sickness, tiredness) of the human body. The body can acclimatize to some degree to some physical stressors. (1)

    In fact, the top ten reported stressors are as follows:

    1. Death of spouse

    2. Divorce

    3. Marital separation

    4. Jail term

    5. Death of a close family member

    6. Personal injury or illness

    7. Marriage

    8. Fired at work

    9. Marital reconciliation

    10. Retirement (5)

    Remember, not everyone reacts to stressful events in the same way. This top ten list may be used as a rough indicator of a person's potential stress level. If you ...

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    By example, this solution discusses physical and environmental stressors. It also examines how a person can minimize or prevent the effects of the stressors. It provides numerous strategies for prevention and dealing effectively with stress.