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    Noise and Radiation

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    Discuss the public health effects that may result in a community exposed to noise produced by a nightclub. Describe the restrictions to recommend to the city for the new nightclub to meet before granting an approval.

    Describe the type of radiation that is emitted by radon gas and how it poses a health risk. Then identify potential human health risks associated with living in a home where radon gas levels may be high. Finally, describe corrective/remediation measures that can be taken to reduce radon levels in a home.

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    When we think of pollution the first thing that comes to mind is air pollution or water pollution. But, a significant cause of certain health hazards is caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise or in other words noise pollution.

    As an example, let us take a community exposed to loud music from a night club. Prolonged exposure to loud music can be harmful and may have significant health hazards on people exposed to it. People may suffer from the following
    1. Hearing loss
    2. Stress
    3. Annoyance
    4. Hypertension
    5. Sleep disturbance
    6. Loud noise ...

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    The solution discusses the effects noise and radiation have on people and why it is necessary to follow restrictions when running clubs and similar public places in 382 words.