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    Environmental Factors in Everyday Life

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    As this chapter deals with "environmental factors," you can apply this material to your everyday life. Spend some time in thought, and identify a situation in your life, which is affected by noise, vibration, illumination, climate, and chemical substances. Your choice must include all of these conditions. Work through Checklist 3. If one of the statements does not apply to your situation, please type N/A after that question. If you do not have access to monitoring equipment (noise meter, light meter), type monitoring equipment not available. You will need to download the checklist to a Word document and, answer the questions.

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    Guidelines on Noise
    1. Is the noise level below 80 decibels? Yes
    2. Is annoyance due to noise avoided? No
    3. Are rooms perhaps too quiet? No
    Noise Reduction at Source
    4. Has a low-noise working method been chosen? N/A
    5. Are quiet machines used? Yes
    6. Are machines regularly maintained? Yes
    7. Are noisy machines enclosed? N/A
    Noise Reduction through Workplace Design and Work Organization
    8. Is noisy work separated from quiet work? Yes
    9. Is there an adequate distance to the source of noise? Yes
    10. Is the ceiling used for noise absorption? N/A
    11. Are acoustic screens used? N/A
    Hearing Conservation
    12. Are hearing conservation measures suited both to the noise and to the user? N/A
    Guidelines on Vibration
    13. Are health and safety risks from vibration avoided? Yes
    14. Are shocks and jolts prevented? N/A
    Preventing Vibration
    15. Is vibration tackled at its source? N/A
    16. Are machines regularly maintained? N/A
    17. Is the transmission of vibration prevented? N/A
    18. Are measures at the individual level applied only as a last resort? N/A
    Guidelines on Light Intensity
    19. Is the light intensity for ...

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