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Positive psychology

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The extent to which focusing on human strengths and virtues can lead to improvement in well being and psychological functioning. Discuss and critically analyze.

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Positive psychology: long essay answer

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Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive experiences and positive individual traits, and the institutions that facilitate their development (Duckwood, Steen and Seligman, 2004).

Human strengths and virtues have been the focus of psychological studies ever since Positive Psychology has emerged with the research sub-field. Primarily, the research in this area has been done by university professor, Seligman, Diener and Csikszentmihalyi.

Resilience and hopefulness are noted as the most important strengths and in virtues, gratitude and a sense of contentment with life. The direct effect of these constructs in studies done on human feelings, indicate the value of social support system as well as a personal sense of meaning-fullness and presence of unwavering faith, in the face of adverse events in life. Thus, positive human emotions and traits are called for so that people can realize their control over their lives and how they can improve the human condition by utilizing all the positive energy received from these traits. Naturally, being social in nature, a whole community of people can later on, act as a resource for positive
A lot of the research done in this area is based on the theory of personal happiness and how humans go about in achieving and ...

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