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The Field of Positive Psychology

A developing field in psychology is called Positive Psychology. It is exploring ways to help people become happier and productive in life. Describe the field of positive psychology and provide your critique of this particular field. What does the research suggest on the value of this developing field? Apply what you have learned about this field by suggesting ways that you might enhance your happiness and positive outlook on life. Be sure to discuss ways to build a positive perspective and state of mind for your life.

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Positive psychology, as a field, works toward improving lives by helping people make their lives happier, more fulfilling, more meaningful and more pleasant. Unlike many forms of psychology, this one does not focus on treating mental illness, but on developing techniques and ideas that can make all people lead happier, better and more enjoyable lives.

Some research has suggested that neither money nor personal qualities, such as athletic skill or good looks, create a significant increase in happiness. Positive psychology would suggest that this is because neither money nor good looks makes life more meaningful or fulfilling. Learned optimism and other aspects of positive psychology have shown ...

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This solution discusses the field of positive psychology. A description, as well as life examples, is provided. The text contains 411 words plus resources.