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    Positive Psychology: Motivation, Emotions, Moods, and Learning

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    Description of the field of positive psychology.
    Your critique of positive psychology.
    Define the main biological influences of psychology.
    Describe the major perspectives of psychological science.

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    Description of the field of positive psychology:
    Peterson (2008) defines positive psychology as the scientific study of what makes an individual's life worth living. Positive psychology is as concerned with individual strengths as it is weaknesses, it is about building up the very best in an individual's life and fixing the worst. It is about making people's lives fulfilling.

    Your critique of positive psychology:
    Critics of positive psychology say the public's interpretation has overblown the conclusions about the power of this specific branch of psychology. They also suggest that the research is not strong ...

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    The expert describes the field of positive psychology. The main biological influences of psychology are determined. The major perspectives of psychological sciences are determined.References are provided to aid in the understanding.