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    Evolutionary history and behavior

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    How does evolutionary history and personal history affect behavior? Provide an example. What is emotion? In what types of social settings might an individual observe the following emotions: sadness, anger, disgust, nervousness, and happiness? What is the relationship between emotion and motivation? Provide an example.

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    How does evolutionary history and personal history affect behavior?

    Human evolutionary history is no secret. As we evolved to be homo-sapiens and as we developed cultures and social systems, which ensured our survival as a species, we have come a long way from being hunters and gatherers to be all of the attributes which our existence affords us in today's society.

    Personal histories of people have a lot of bearing on their behavior, more so than the dictates of the times and conditions, they might be in deliberately or per external forces. Personal histories enable people to delve into their existence and the various obvious or hidden factors which extend or limit their abilities to do what they want to do, in their lives. Just like genetics, human experiences, early childhood and life long, have an impact on the on going progress of an individual's personal commitment to improving her/his life.

    In case of less well to do, uneducated, poor and ignorant people, clearly the ...