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    Genetic Influences in Behavior

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    1.5 List threee types of evidence we have for genetic influences in the development of behavior and describe a non-human example that illustrates one of these tpes of evidence.

    1.9 The evolutiont of flight in birds and the evolution of blood sucking by a moth inthe genus Calpe. Choose one of the above methods and describe how the method is used to investigate this evolutionary history.

    1.10 Describe an example of a behavior tht is performed correctly and completely the first time the appropriate environment situation occurs. Also, why is it adaptive for this particular behavior to be performed correctly and completely the first time? Don't use a human example.

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    -twin studies (nature vs. nurture), where twins separated at birth still exhibit similar behaviors (such as left-handedness, for example)
    -studies which demonstrate a preference for learning a certain behavior despite exposure to other behaviors -- for example, young white-crowned sparrows can not only recognize the songs of their own species, but they also show a distinct preference for learning the song particular to their own subspecies (even when exposed to songs from other subspecies).
    -studies which show early behaviors which ...