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Theories of Human Behavior

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In a group discussion someone argues "that human personality is a product of nature, you're born with a certain personality type, it stays the same throughout your life, and there is little that nurture or environment can do to change that"

How can you respond to this argument? Either supporting or opposing the argument providing evidence to support your position.

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*How can you respond to this argument ? Either supporting or opposing the argument providing evidence to support your position.

An understanding of heredity and environmental factors and their influence of human development has fueled the continued nature vs. nurture controversy. The theories associated with the debate are the concept of natural selection that is based on the evolutionary process in developmental theories. Thus, natural tendencies were related to genetic (genes) dispositions (i.e. traits) understood as the "nature" theory of human behavior. The notion that people think and behave in certain ways because they learn, and or taught by factors in the environment explained as the nurture theory of human behavior. From these perspectives, human behavior is influenced by environmental factors such as family, and/or culture, and from heritability (i.., inherited traits). For ...

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This solution examines the controversy related to the nature vs. nurture debate. It discusses the theories that emerged from the debates concerning heredity and environmental influences on human behavior.

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