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Theories of Human Development

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There exists a multitude of theories that help describe the process of human development. Categorically, this includes psychoanalytic theories, cognitive theories, behavioral and social cognitive theories, ethological theories, and ecological theories.

1) Choosing from the aforementioned theories above, briefly discuss the ways in which each theory has contributed to the study of human development.

2) In your response, be sure to analyze how our understanding of human development has improved through these scientific approaches (Cognitive theories, behavioral and social cognitive theories, ethological theories).

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The theories of human development are determined.

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Cognitive Theory:
We can focus on Piaget here. His approach stresses the growth of the ability to universalize or abstract as children grow. His theory deals only with children. It begins with the difference of the self from the environment (infancy), use of language to sort objects (2-7 years), the development of logical relations (7-11) and abstract propositional thinking (11 and up).

The improvement here is that education can be structured for children that slowly takes the mind away from objects (the younger stage) to abstract and logical ideas about objects (the later stage). If this is how kids learn, then this is how schools should be structured.

Behaviorist Theory:
This is an easier one, since it is a basic cause and effect approach. The basic concept is that children develop (and adults too) through a constant and meaningful interaction with objects in their environment. The big thing here is reinforcement - if you want to learn something, make ...

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