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    Evolution theory is

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    Define briefly the meaning of "evolution theory". Provide examples of how the formulation of "evolution theory" impacted the development of psychology as a formal discipline.

    Explain briefly the German model of higher education and how it influenced universities in America and psychology today.

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    Evolution theory is defined as the process by which something (animals, insects, humans...) gradually change into a different more complex form. (The Free Dictionary, 2011)
    Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution provided the framework for psychologists to think on and study human and animal behavior. The theory of evolution has had a major impact on the field of psychology and has changed individuals understanding of human and animal behavior. Many psychologists that choose to study evolutionary psychology do not just study human behavior they also study animal behavior comparing the results with the data collected from studying human's, this is called the comparative method. A good example of this is comparing a baby chimpanzee's behavior with that of a human infant's behavior. Psychologists study how social skills develop, at what stage infants learn to imitate others, what stage do infants develop ...

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    Evolution theory is investigated.