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    Philosophy of Religion

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    There seems to be a contradiction between two beliefs held by a rather large number of Christians in the United States.

    1. Many Christians seem to accept modern cosmology: Galileo's view that the Earth is not the center of the Universe.
    2. Many of these same people are dead set against the theory of Evolution.

    Originally, the Church convicted Galileo for heresy because of his theory. Since then, the Church has changed its mind. There are two related issues that we are to address:

    1. Why has the Church decided to accept modern cosmology?
    2. Why can't Christians accept Evolution?

    In 150-200 words:

    1. Name a reason the Church has given for accepting the heliocentric theory.

    2. Why can, or can't the same reasoning used by the Church to change their minds about the heliocentric theory be applied by Christians to the theory of evolution?

    3. Be sure to provide the URL of the your source or sources.

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    1. Why has the Church decided to accept modern cosmology?

    Research suggests that one view that may have contributed to the church's change in attitude toward cosmology is a renewed focus on divine healing. According to Klassen (2006), nineteenth -century Christian groups such as the Christian Scientists developed a commitment to divine healing and biomedical practices. In the same way Anglican and Methodist Christians made divine healing central to their identity and practice. For the most part, Christians embraced epistemologies (knowledge) within scientific theories that did not negate their theological views of God. According to Klassen, the realm of ritual magic and efficacious healing contributed to a belief in cosmology within the understanding of a world in which relations among body, mind, ...

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    This solution examines the church's change in positon in accepting the heliocentric theory.