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    Different Religious Perspectives on Healthcare

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    Compare and contrast the philosophy of Taoism, Native American and Buddhist religions against Christianity in regards to providing health care. How can these perspectives be applied to a health care provider practice?

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    Taoism is a Chinese religion/philosophy, which essentially means the way, or the pattern in which the universe works. This religion is based on the belief that the universe is composed of two opposing forces, which are negative and positive, and the interplay of these opposing forces caused the creation of the universe as we know it, and covers the natural laws of life on earth. It is also believed in this religion that every creation is derived from the all or universal oneness, which is essentially an emptiness, and from this emptiness came action, due to the fact that action is the opposing force of emptiness. This religion also believes that it is the interplay of opposing forces, such as the body and the spirit of an individual, that help to manifest that individual's actions and or existence on the physical plane. Due to the fact that this religion endorses that there is an interaction between the physical and the spiritual aspects of an individual, the perspective that this religion takes on healing is based on the fact that it is necessary to heal both the body and the spirit simultaneously, in order for there to be a condition of health and well-being within the individual. From a physical perspective, this religion endorses the use of herbs, physical exercises such as tai chi, acupuncture and acupressure, meditation, etc. as the mechanisms by which overall health and well-being is achieved within an individual. Due to the fact that this religion endorses an integrative approach to the healing process, it is important that each aspect is utilized to the utmost, in order to increase the probability that an individual will achieve the healing that is desired within their mind and body. It is critical that individuals engage in consuming foods based on tropology, which is the science of food combining, which is essentially how Chinese food is combined in a manner that is most beneficial for the body of the individual, due to the fact that ...