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    Ethics influence on nursing care

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    I need a help with some ideas about nursing ethics. I need to summarize the main points of the topic and discusses how this is of importance to new healthcare grads. The topic is Ethics in Nursing.

    1) Define terminology commonly used in discussions about ethical issues.
    2) Analyze personal values that influence approaches to ethical issues and decision making.
    3) Discuss the moral implications of the American Nurses Association and International Council of Nurses codes of ethics.
    4) Discuss the role of the nurse in ethical health care issues.

    I have a bunch of notes but need other perspectives to draw from.

    Thank you,

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    Hi there! Thanks for the opportunity to help you; I hope this does so. I noticed that the response is based on your need for some differing perspectives, so I thought I'd offer a few circumstances that I've been privy to knowing about through people I have helped. These are illustrative examples, so you can see how those situations reflect not just moral implications and personal values particularly, but ethics on the part of the nurse to respect the patient first and foremost.

    One situation is that every patient comes into a situation having both a physical need and a spiritual one. It may not be the case that every patient is "religious," but it is the case that every patient needs to be viewed as more than an object. In this way, the nurse needs to be sensitive to those things ...

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    The ethics influence on nursing care are examined.The personal values that influence approaches to ethical issues and decision making.