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    The influence of nurse leaders in dealing with patient coercion

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    Discuss how a nurse leader may influence "patient coercion". Explain your rationale.

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    Patient coercion may be anticipated depending on the different areas of practice. The
    nurse leader will know from history that certain departments will have higher incidence of patient
    coercion and have a recommended plan of action. Departments where this may be anticipated
    would be Emergency Care, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and minor child care such as in Obstetrics,
    Surgical and medical care where there may be administration of blood products. A protocol
    should be written to address these areas of care. This should never be left to guesswork when the
    time comes to actually provide care.

    First, make sure the Emergency Department has a clear policy that states that staff can provide
    life-saving care to a minor while the staff is seeking to find the authorized person to sign for a
    minor child or disabled adult. This clearly puts them ahead of waiting to find out if someone will ...

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    This solution discusses the role of nursing management in dealing with patient coercion in the healthcare system.